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How Can ERP Software Help Address The Top Manufacturing Challenges?

How Can ERP Software Help Address The Top Manufacturing Challenges?

A manufacturing firm is faced with a set of complexities owing to the dynamic nature of the business, there are a set of challenges to manage such as supply chain complexities, mitigating production losses, managing a variety of data, inventory, and monitoring quality among others. To manage all these challenges, business leaders must invest in ERP system software that can mitigate all major complexities.

This blog will refer to all the top 5 challenges that manufacturers face on ongoing bases.

  1. Reduce time to market

Recipe management remains to be one of the most complex and poorly managed processes of all leading manufacturing business. Many manufacturing processes involve stringent regulations such as cosmetics, beauty, chemical, and pharma industry. For the same reason, it becomes a mandate to manage these formulations and ERP comes into place.

When you invest in an ERP software, it becomes easier to store, manage, retrieve and revise every formula as per your requirements. If a product is altered, it becomes easy to know from the software as it can detail how exactly how is it altered.

  1. Comply with regulatory standards

The manufacturing industry strictly adheres to strict compliance and regulatory standards. So, it is a mandate for all manufacturers to fulfill the regulatory requirements which is an absolute necessity. With spreadsheets and excel sheets, it becomes a difficult task to keep a tab of all compliance things. With the regulatory compliance changing and become stringent, but becomes imperative to invest in software that can manage in it all. With enterprise-ready software in place, it becomes easier to record activities in real-time and check whether they are in accordance with the laws.

Additionally, a modern ERP can perform a quality check for rejected materials and so much more.

  1. Production management

Generally, manufacturers face a gamut of challenges when it comes to managing the production cycle. The manufacturing process generally requires a mix of methods like mixing, grinding and validating items. This calls for automated and robust software in place.

The production management module in SAP Business One can mitigate the complexity of happening in the production process. It effortlessly tracks batch lots and manage all the production processes and ensure robust quality from checking to the final closing. This indicates that with an ERP solution in place, it is easier to accommodate the last-minute changes through a batch feature. This also helps to adjust the shipment for urgent orders which brings in added profitability and simplifies the overall production process.

  1. Managing inventory

As a manufacturer, you must already know the importance of inventory management. With 360 view visibility, it is easy to manage inventory across multiple locations. Whether it is in different countries, states or cities, the ERP makes it all easier. Furthermore, it is easier to keep a tab on inward as well as outward inventory. This helps you to gain an overview as how to avoid any chance of overstock or understock. This ensures that the right materials reach at the right time. You can contact one of the SAP Business One partner and know the SAP Business One pricing that suits your manufacturing models.

  1. Lot tracking & traceability

The biggest challenges that a manufacturing business face is a batch and lot traceability. By merely relying on excel sheets and legacy software, you can compromise on the quality and make errors in tracking expiration dates etc.

This is where SAP Business One can come into rescue. It empowers all manufacturers to easily navigate through the purchase orders, and track the movements with speed and accuracy.

These were a few of the pointers and challenges manufacturers face on a day to day basis. A smart and the best ERP software in India not only mitigate the probable issues but also deals them with other ongoing and operational issues.

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