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Parental Control for Your Teen’s Phone – Ethical or Unethical?

Parental Control for Your Teen’s Phone – Ethical or Unethical?

Modern technology is a new challenge for the parents. We can’t deny the bright side of the technical world, but at the same time, the internet and digital device addiction have ruined the teen’s behavior and personality.

This is the reason parental control are in great demand because excessive internet usage can get the children into some serious trouble. It’s a combative topic whether keeping an eye on teens is ethical or unethical, but many points show why parents need to monitor their children, like addiction to watch inappropriate content, sitting in bad community, encountering online dangers, etc.

I have read many types of research and, in my opinion, it is important to set the rules in the early years of a kid’s internet usage. Because it helps them to grow up in a secure environment and lets them enjoy internet freedom without any fear.

The use of parental control apps also depends on the teen’s behavior. If he/she does not behave well or you see some changes in their personality, then you should take action before they get in any trouble.

It’s time to discuss why parental control are in demand and how the evil side of the internet can harm teens. 

The rise of cyber threats shows the red flags for children than ever before. Why?

Let’s check out the reasons.

  • The rise in cyberbullying has been increasing, and now every 1 out of 10 teens is a victim. Parents do not pay attention to what their kids do on the online platform and how they share their personal data which can cause many problems. It does not only affect the kid’s online reputation, but also affect their mental health. It causes anxiety and makes them stay away from their loved ones.
  • Some online predators always look for the teen as they easily get trapped. 77% of the online predator target were teens above the age 13. Yes, it is alarming and makes parents worried about the kid’s safety. Any online user can get a child involved in drugs, alcohol, criminal activities, etc.
  • Watching inappropriate content also affects the teens as it changes the behavior and personality. Any user can find such content accidentally while searching for other things. Kids can play violent games, which can raise their interest in criminal activities.

How parental control helps to provide a secure environment for the teens?

Well, parental control is a modern technology favor for the parents, which gives them peace of mind. Android device has a parental control feature, which lets the parents block the access of the websites, games, etc. but you can’t monitor all the target device activities. Parental control apps are available in the market that can help to monitor and control your kids smart devices. Now, parents can install the parental control app in the teen’s device and gather the data confidentially. The non-intrusive parental control apps help the parents to hack the contacts, find the active location, geo-fence localities, limit screen time, uninstall improper apps, restrict browsing, hear the call recording, real-time access, monitor social media activities, etc.

Parents do not need to check the phone of the teens because they can easily monitor their activities remotely. It also helps the parents to take action against any suspicious activity to prevent the kids from cyber threats.

Is parental control ethical?

Well, when it comes to parents’ concerns and good intentions, then it is ethical to monitor the teen’s activities. We can see how much the internet can affect the mental health of the new generation. No one wants to disturb their kid’s privacy, but it has become crucial to watch over the teens and provide them a secure internet environment by using parental controls.

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