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What Offers Can I Avail When Paying My Credit Card Bills?

What Offers Can I Avail When Paying My Credit Card Bills?

Credit card users know that when they use their credit cards for booking flight tickets or shopping, they get the chance to earn reward points. These are crucial points when accumulated can help one get tremendous cashback or discount coupons. Different credit card companies offer varied rewards programs. But, how many credit card users know that using a payment app or a UPI bank app to pay the credit card bill can also help you earn exciting rewards and cashback?

What are the things to remember when using UPI payment apps for credit bill payment?

  1. You need to download an app that has been created specifically to handle the UPI method of payment.
  2. You need to have a smartphone that can match up with the configuration requirements of the app.
  3. You need to be connected to steady, reliable internet like private Wi-Fi or Mobile Data on your phone.
  4. If you wish to get rewarded for using the app for making credit card bill payments, ensure that you are regular in paying the bill. You need to make timely payments and use the app consistently to link the rewards to your UPI ID.
  5. In most cases, the rewards and cashbacks are given to users subject to a certain minimum payment limit.
  6. Since most apps are trying to appease their user base by offering them impressive rewards, you need to look for notifications and alerts regarding the same.

What are the various kinds of rewards you can get when paying credit card bills?

  1. Cashback- As the name suggests, these offers involve getting cash that will help you either pay the next bills or shop online. For example, some apps offer the user a cashback of up to Rs. 1000 on a minimum transaction of Rs. 500.
  2. Daily, weekly, and monthly offers – Some apps offer cashback offers daily paying credit card bills. And, similarly, on a weekly and monthly basis too. Remember, each app will have its own set of guidelines. So, get detailed information from the app itself about how you can gain the maximum advantage.
  3. You may be required to use the same app for consecutive credit card bill payments to get the chance to win some inspiring rewards. Check the terms with the app company before using it.
  4. Discount coupons and vouchers are another way app companies reward you for using their payment apps for credit card bill payments. For example, getting Rs. 200 off on a brand or a popular e-store or getting complimentary movie tickets, and so on.

I have an HDFC credit card. How can I get to know the offers on making credit card payments?

It is very simple, actually. You need to simply browse and scroll through the HDFC credit card bill payment offers at the official website of your payment app. And yes, you can browse the app too and look through the app’s latest notifications. If your email is linked with the payment app, you can check your inbox. Also, you will keep getting SMSes on your registered mobile number every time there is a new offer on paying HDFC credit card bills through the app.

What are the other advantages of using a payment app for credit card bill payments besides the offers?

One of the most incredible advantages is that you can never miss the deadline for payment. The app that is sitting right there at your fingertips will keep alerting you about impending bill payments. It could be a credit card bill, utility bills, mobile bills, EMIs and insurance payments, mobile recharges, and so on. Remember that the exciting offers and rewards are applicable only for regular users with their payments. It is such a foolproof system that you will always end up paying the bills even without being on your toes, even if it is a last-minute payment activity.

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