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PDF to PDF/A Conversion: Free And Easy On PDFBear

PDF to PDF/A Conversion: Free And Easy On PDFBear

A few of you may wonder what a PDF/A is and how it differs from a regular format. For starters, both file formats are generally the same; however, PDF/A is an iso-standardized version of a standard PDF. So, any tasks that aim to reproduce a PDF/A in its complete and accurate form should not be a problem using this file format. PDF/A is also useful for the long-term preservation of data.

How can you convert PDF to PDF/A? Well, there’s a PDF to PDF/A converter that you can use on PDFBear. It uses a standard four-step process in accurately converting your PDF documents into a PDF/A file. Plus, this type of PDF conversion is a process that PDFBear offers and provides to its users for free. With PDFBear, you can accurately convert PDF to PDF/A without spending a single dime!

Accurately Convert PDF to PDF/A In Two Minutes!

Any task that requires a pdf to pdfa conversion is a relatively easy task for this PDFBear tool. With this fact, anyone who needs this conversion should generally get their results within two minutes. Two minutes is a relatively short time for you to wait for an accurately-converted PDF/A file. This PDF conversion that lasts for two minutes is something that the competitors of PDFBear can only try to replicate.

PDFBear can produce a high-quality and accurately convert PDF to PDF/A file because of a no-gimmick conversion process. Don’t forget that a swift process isn’t the only thing that PDFBear prioritizes in any PDF to PDF/A conversions. It also makes sure that this converter can provide the preferences and specifications that users have in converting PDF to PDF/A.

Anyone using this PDFBear tool to convert PDF to PDF/A will see that the conversion is as accurate as it can be. A swift PDF/A conversion using this PDFBear tool will not compromise any detail or quality users want in their newly-formatted PDF/A document.

Four-Step Process For All PDF to PDF/A Conversions

Converting PDF to PDF/A using this PDFBear converter is a seamless and straightforward process. As you know by now, it will only take about two minutes to convert a PDF document to PDF/A accurately. Within these two minutes, PDFBear uses a four-step process in converting your PDF document to PDF/A accurately. This PDFBear converter also comes with pre-loaded settings to ensure users a high-quality conversion every single time.

The first step into converting PDF to PDF/A using this converter is to select and drag the PDF document that you want to convert to PDF/A. You can drag and drop the PDF document on the space that this PDFBear converter provides. After uploading the document, a set of options will then appear in which you have to choose the best options that match your preferences in converting into PDF/A.

Anyone using this PDFBear converter doesn’t need to do much after the first two steps. Sit patiently and wait for an accurately converted PDF/A document while this PDFBear tool works its magic. After it completes the process, you will be able to download a newly-formatted PDF/A file to your computer and other devices.

All PDF to PDF/A Conversions On The PDFBear Cloud

PDFBear and all of its PDF to PDF/A conversions occur on the PDFBear Cloud. With this fact, your system or device will not suffer or be under heavy loads while you convert PDF to PDF/A. It does not use any memory space or CPU bandwidth in all PDF to PDF/A conversions. If you have been using PDFBear for your PDF conversions for a while now, this Cloud conversion tool shouldn’t be new.

The Cloud Conversion tool of PDFBear makes any PDF conversion easier. Users can use this PDFBear Cloud to save their documents and files using this feature. In turn, it can serve as another storage alternative for any documents that they may use PDFBear for.

Anyone can convert PDF to PDF/A on the PDFBear Cloud no matter where they are. The only thing that this converter and the PDFBear Cloud requires is a stable Internet connection. So, you should generally be able to convert PDF to PDF/A on the go, and basically anywhere!

Available On Any Platform!

PDFBear is accessible from any platform and any device. Being on a Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system will not be an issue in accessing any of PDFBear’s services. With this fact, converting PDF to PDF/A should be possible from any operating system.

PDFBear and this PDF to PDF/A tool are also accessible on any mobile operating system. All that anyone using this PDFBear tool needs is a stable internet connection to go with their favorite web browser to access PDFBear and this service on the PDFBear portal. As usual, the quality will still be the same, and all conversions done from any platform will be as accurate as possible.

You should be able to convert PDF to PDF/A or avail of any PDF conversions straight from your handheld device. Together with the Cloud tool, you can convert PDF to PDF/A from your home, at school, or even at work. You can even convert PDF to PDF/A while on your daily walk or commute!

Converting PDF to PDF/A With Privacy

Converting PDF to PDF/A or using an online tool for PDF conversions is best when it occurs in a secure and encrypted connection. PDFBear uses a 256-bit SSL encryption for all PDF conversions, including this PDF to PDF/A service. Converting any PDF document using PDFBear should generally be secure from any malware or potential threats.

PDFBear also understands that your files may contain sensitive information. PDFBear and its servers will automatically get rid of any documents or files after a 60-minute time frame. The same goes for successfully converted PDF/A documents. Users will only have a 60-minute window to download their files and documents.


PDFBear is an excellent online tool that you can use to convert your PDF files to PDF/A swiftly. It also converts PDF to PDF/A in the most accurate manner possible. Without a doubt, PDFBear is an alternative that allows its users to convert PDF to PDF/A in a convenient way. Join PDFBear today and discover the features that it has to offer.

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