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PDFBear: A 100% Excellent Tool That Everyone Should Know

PDFBear: A 100% Excellent Tool That Everyone Should Know

Having a great conversion tool that can perform a boatload of tasks is needed. It is an exceptional addition to your collection of tools. And the might and glory of PDFBear will help you encompass your dilemma when it comes to conversion, compression, encryption, and such. That is why PDFBear is revered and loved by most of its users.  With PDFBear, you can assure that you will be carried every step of the way and will not let you wander around in the dark.

What is PDFBear?

A lot of you may think that and be bombarded with thoughts as to why we should use it? And what makes PDFBear special from other converters out there? Well, the fact that PDFBear is an all-in-one PDF converter makes you question the features and the flexibility of other existing pdf converters.

Maybe the other converters can convert pdf to pdfa, or excel to pdf, word to pdf, or vice versa, but can they also compress, split, encrypt, or can you really assure that you file in safe hands. Well, all of those things mentioned above are basic things that PDFBear can do.

In a short while, you will get to explore its unique and remarkable features that will leave you gagging and wanting PDFBear to shut up and take all your money kind of situation because this article will forever change your mind and give you a glance to the other otherworldly converters that are hiding in plain sight such as the PDFBear.

Software Download? We Do Not Know That?

In PDFBear, your device will not be burdened by the downloading and installation of somewhat large software. Because PDFBear is accessible anytime and obviously anywhere. You can access it at any time of day or wherever place you are as long as you have an internet connection.

With just your trustworthy browser to help you open the site and an utterly committed internet connection to upload your file, you will get the desirable file you want; maybe you are converting, compressing, or encrypting your file. So, shun that software download that may, in return, slow down your device and stick to the simple and easy-to-use PDFBear.


The tendrils of PDFBear are wide-reaching. The fact that it is a site is an excellent clue that you can access through an iOS device or even an Android one, so if you are in the moment where you do not have your laptop or computer with your phones can be your savior.

You can also use PDFBear on Mac, Windows, and even Linux. There will be no problem with whatever browser you are using, may it be an Edge, or a Chrome, Firefox, or if you are still using the good old Internet Explorer, you can access PDFBear in there too. With its web browser support that is far-reaching, widely available PDFBear is on the top of their game.

Just a tip and a word to the wise that, if you want to speed up the process of your conversion, compression, or even your download, you might want to have an internet download manager on your trusted device.

SSL Encryption

PDFBear does not get cute. PDFBear gets drop-dead gorgeous. PDFBear is its own production. It is evident and known that PDFBear does value its audience’s privacy and information.

When it comes to privacy, PDFBear does not go half-assed; they come fully prepared. So, if you worry about someone may snoop around your document’s content and may somehow steal your identity.

With the SSL Encryption feature of PDFBear, you can guarantee that you are in good hands and that your file will be safe and sound. The SSL Encryption is utilized to immediately add SSL protection to your file whenever you upload a document to the site. Pretty neat, right?

Boatload of Tools

As introduced, raised, and mentioned in the first part of this article, PDFBear has tons and tons of tools that will make your mind blow or just makes your job much easier than having all the tools you need in just one site.

When I say that PDFBear is not just your typical run of the mill, stereotypical, customary pdf converter site, I am not kidding when I say that they are more than those things and actually with something extra.

Stuff You Can Do With PDFBear

PDFBear bearing the torch of being an all-in-one converter is super extra. You can convert any type of file; may it be converting pdf to word or pdf to ppt or pdf to excel. You can have it all and more with some extra.

PDF Compression

This is one of the known features of PDFBear. Having the capability to compress your file into a much lighter or lesser file size is a talent. PDFBear can reduce your file by up to 70%

Splitting PDF Document

So, if, by chance, you want to declutter your PDF file and remove those unnecessary and useless pages, then the Split PDF feature of PDFBear will absolutely help you with that obstacle.

Locking and Unlocking PDF Files

Secretive and do not want others to view the content of your documents? Then one of the amazing things to ever grace the internet is the Locking and Unlocking feature of PDFBear in where you can protect your PDF with you only knowing how to unlock it.

Retrieval of Corrupt PDF Files

The extraordinary thing about PDFBear is the that fact they have a tool where you can revive your corrupt document. With just three clear and manageable steps, you can recover and retrieve your precious file.

In A Nutshell

PDFBear is on the top of their game when it comes to conversion, but the additional features they have on their site are just totally mind-blowing. The fact that you can perform tons of tasks in just one site makes your job efficient and not time-consuming. And with all of that, PDBear is thoroughly slaying its competition.

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