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Protect Your PDF With Passwords Using GogoPDF

Protect Your PDF With Passwords Using GogoPDF

A data breach could be a severe problem for everyone who has smartphones, desktops, or other devices. For those victims, losing crucial data such as various reports, confidential emails, and text discussion include implications. A few victims have lost their bank details, money, and even their identity.

It is vital to know how to secure passwords for your files. Protect PDF is the key in this aspect. It provides AES encryption in 128-bit for any PDF file. All file transfers have a secure encryption protocol to stop unauthorized individuals from accessing your files. If you don’t want to experience such problems, you can use GogoPDF’s password protection!

Why Are Passwords Essential?

Features like password protect PDF from GogoPDF is one of the ways to secure your files with a layer of privacy. These layers of privacy play an essential role in maintaining a file’s integrity and protecting it from getting hacked. Preventions from potential breach of sensitive information will save us from legal troubles.

However, with the constant evolution of technology and hackers’ access to various information, the password that an individual should create must be secure enough and difficult to guess. It is vital to keep a password complex and lengthy. In this way, hackers will have a hard time guessing.

Tips On Making A Password

With the complexity of passwords, people nowadays tend to forget what they input on their files or account quickly. Everyone should put into consideration creating a password that is easy to memorize. It will be helpful if the passwords you will make still significantly impact your daily activities; while making a little change.

You can create passwords based on your name, relative’s name, significant dates like birthdays and anniversaries, or even your favorite places. With these in mind, make sure that you don’t type it straightforward; make sure to add changes so that no one will easily guess it.

Memorizing different complicated passwords can be a difficult task for anyone. To prevent forgetting every password, it is safe to say that writing down on paper or saving it in a secure folder on your device will help secure your passwords.

Internet Connection Security

The passwords you will create can be easily compromised by the type of internet connection you are using. Before making any changes or creating a new password for your files or your accounts, make sure to perform these changes on a secure internet connection.

Avoid using free wifi in these situations. Using free wifi internet will make your device vulnerable to hackers and breach your data. Hackers can easily access and override public wifi so being cautious is the best option.

The Benefits of Using Password Protect by GogoPDF

With all of the mentioned benefits and tips on creating a secure password, you should also seek a platform to accommodate your needs. GogoPDF is a reliable website that can create passwords for your pdf files.

The great thing about this website is that you can access it on any device, various web browsers, and operating systems. You can easily make a password for your pdf file using your tablet, laptop, desktop, or smartphones. Also, GogoPDF is available on many operating systems and android or apple devices.

GogoPDF also ensures that every password you create is secure enough for hackers not to guess it easily. They only encrypt passwords on your pdf files that are tricky and safe sufficient to secure your pdf file. GogoPDF accepts passwords with various capitalizations, punctuations, and numbers.

GogoPDF’s Privacy Policy

Sharing personal information on the internet can be worrisome, especially if the pdf files you want to upload is sensitive and with great confidentiality. With GogoPDF, it is 100% secured that all of the files you will upload will not compromise any information about the person who uploaded and the file itself.

The security feature of GogoPDF is strengthened through every file that is uploaded and will be entering their system. The password provided is automatically deleted after an hour. The passwords that were encrypted on your files will never be saved and automatically deleted from their website.

The Integrity of GogoPDF’s Website

Aside from the security they provide for your pdf files, GogoPDF also has a very secure website itself. They made sure that the whole system’s integrity will never be in danger from hackers or any data breach through the use of an SSL security blanket for their website.

Also, GogoPDF is sure not to slow down any activity on your device or your internet browser since any process done on their website is stored and secured in a cloud. You won’t be hassled by downloading any app or software for your computer. There will not be any additional resources that cause viruses for your device.

How to Use GogoPDF’s Password Protect?

GogoPDF is known for its straightforward interface that is supported by the user-friendliness of its website. You can easily encrypt a password for your pdf file with these simple steps that anyone could follow. First, choose the pdf file that you want to put a password on; you can quickly drag the pdf file too.

Next, you have to encode the password you want to have; make sure to set a complex password that would pass the standards of GogoPDF. Adding numbers, punctuations, and varying capitalizations will make your password strong. Also, make sure that you won’t forget the password.

After this, you can now quickly send the pdf file as an attachment to an email via copying and pasting the link that GogoPDF will provide you. You can also use this link to send the pdf file via SMS or even embed it on different social media platforms. GogoPDF will also allow you to download the new pdf on your device.


Passwords are a way of making sure that our data and files are secured. Creating passwords has evolved throughout the years; it started with disregarding the password’s strength and length as long as you can quickly recall it. Now, with the threat of data breach, GogoPDF can help you add a layer of security.

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