Sport News: Major Sporting Events 2021

Since the beginning of early days, Sports have taken a significant place in our life. It has become an immense source of fitness, fun, entertainment, and profession to a varying degree to individuals. People all around the world follow the sports news to keep themselves updated about the upcoming events and follow the latest information about their favorite sports or sportsman.

The World Games

The World Games is another significant global multi-sport event that hosts a multitude of games and events that were not included in the Olympic Games. The World Games were originally scheduled to begin on 7 July 2021 but were rescheduled due to the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

  • Now, the World Games will be held from July 7 to 17, 2022, in Birmingham, United States.
  • The game will feature around thirty official sports and games spread over fifty-four disciplines to be contested over thirty venues in Birmingham.
  • The overall game will encompass around 207 sporting events in the period of 10 days.
  • It will be the first time that games such as canoe marathons, kickboxing, drone racing, and others will be included in the Game as official sports.
  • Racquetball and softball will also be returning to the list of official sports in the World Games.

Asian Athletics Championship

The Asian Athletics Championship is an international championship between Asian teams or athletes representing their respective countries. It includes 22 sports in total for the participants to play in.

It was recently announced by the Chinese Athletics Association that the 24th Asian Athletics Championship 2021 now stands canceled. It was originally to be held from May 20th to 23rd, 2021, at Hangzhou in China. But due to the second outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, it was canceled to contain its spread.

No announcements have been made regarding when or where the next Asian Athletics Championship is to be held.

ICC Champions Trophy 2021

In the beginning, ICC Champions Trophy was just a 1-day International tournament of cricket coordinated by the ICC [International Cricket Council]. It is the second most important cricket tournament in the history of cricket after the World Cup.

It was initially introduced in 1998 as the ICC Knock-out Tournament and since then has been organized and played every four years. The name of the ICC Knockout Tournament was officially transposed in 2002 as ICC Champions Trophy.

Since its initiation, it has been played eight times in over 7 different countries, with India and Australia winning the Champions Trophy twice each. The Champions Trophy tournament was inspired to host a short cricket event to raise funds for the development of cricket as a game in non-playing countries, with the first initial games being held in Kenya and Bangladesh.

After the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, it was announced that a new ODI League would be inaugurated, translating that the Champions Trophy to be discarded, leaving the future of this tournament undetermined for the time. However, the ICC broadcasted in April 2018 the Champions Trophy to be officially demolished. And announced its possible replacement with a T20 World Cup tournament.

India was going to host the Champions Trophy, but with that scrapped off, it will be organizing the T20 World Cup 2021.

World Masters Games

The World Master Games is another international sports event to be held every four years in various sports disciplines. The entire event is organized and coordinated by the IMGA [International Masters Games Association]. The first-ever World Masters Games were held in Toronto in 1985, and since then, they have been held every four years.

This game event is open to everyone interested in any sports as long as it fulfills the minimum age criteria. The minimum age benchmark ranges from 25-35 years, depending upon the type of sports. However, the World Master Games 2021 will be held from May 13th to May 29th, 2022 featuring 59 sports events with 35 sports in Kansai Regions.

Cricket World Cup (Women’s) 2021

The Cricket World Cup 2022, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, was postponed by one year as most of the sports events and tournaments were. The Women’s Cricket World Cup was formerly scheduled to begin from February 6 till March 7 but again was rescheduled over the second wave of the pandemic. Primarily, it was declared that possibly 3 more teams could qualify, but the pattern was changed with 4 qualifying teams and the host team. However, the qualifier tournament was postponed amidst the pandemic. Later, ICC confirmed the qualifier tournament would take place in 2021.

The World Cup qualifier tournament will be the final section of the World Cup qualification process. ICC will organize it with 50 over matches that are to be held in Sri-Lanka between ten competing teams. The final 3-teams from the qualifier cup will enter the Women’s Cricket Cup 2022.

The ICC [International Cricket Council] had announced that the Women’s Cricket World Cup tournament will be now held from March 4th to April 3rd, 2022, with New Zealand as the hosting country.

Don’t forget to check the latest updates and sports news to get the final dates regarding the qualifier Cricket Cup. Also, if you’re someone who is interested in sports betting, beting tips, and other sports predictions, don’t forget to check our page for regular updates.

Tokyo Olympics 2020

The Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 was postponed due to the outbreak of global COVID-19 in early March’2020. However, this multitudinal sports event is now scheduled to begin from July 23rd till August 9th, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan. But it has yet not been decided whether spectators will be allowed the premises or not following the mandatory concerns due to COVID-19.

Tokyo will become the first Asian city ever to host the Olympics twice in the history of the Olympics. The audience is waiting eagerly for the Olympics sports events to begin. Either way, if the Olympics are held, hopefully, we will be able to watch its live telecast as chances of the audience allowed inside are low due to the rising second wave of COVID-19.

This was our short guide to bring you sport news from corners of the world. If you’ve been waiting for the sports events to begin, it is a possibility that you might’ve to wait a bit longer.